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Our training Method

BTF is dedicated to promote life-long learning through traditional martial arts instruction that utilizes modern training methods and technologies.

This is accomplished through preserving the art of Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do as it has been passed down from the founder, Master Tatsuo Shimabuku.

Training in the class includes: cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility exercises, self-defence skills, traditional forms known as Kata, and controlled point sparring.

(Safety equipments are equipped during the sparring, and the safety of the student is always the highest priority.) No experience is necessary, beginners are taught separately. Character development, respect and self-control are emphasized in the training, to help students to tackle daily stress and work pressures.


To keep the costs of participation as low as possible for members so that anyone can learn Karate, the only requirement is your "Desire" to learn the art.

To foster a sense of togetherness and community amongst the members of the fraternity.

Dojo Location

  • Kilpauk Address

    No.106/26, Landons Road, Kilpauk
    Chennai - 600010
    Phone : 044 - 25323914 , 45583914
    Mobile : +91 82487 52737, +91 98413 23914, +91 95662 79977
    Email: borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • Adyar Address

    3/5 3rd Floor Teacher's Colony,
    Adyar Chennai 600 020.
    Lift Available,
    Phone : 044 - 24423914 , 42323914
    Mobile : +91 82487 52737, +91 98413 23914,
                  +91 95662 79977
    Email : borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • Ladakh Address

    Leh & ladakh ,india
    Email: borntofightschoolofkarate@gmail.com,

  • Ladakh